Our Services

Setting up your Business should be a BREEZE.

We make sure it is!


Right in the middle of the city or sprawling campus outside the city. Be it in Pune, Bangalore or any other cities, Rigt Edge helps you turn your vision into reality.

Office Space

Our detailed process-based approach gathers information from you, assesses what’s best based on that information scientifically and provides you with options. We then arrive at the final shortlist based on the pros & cons of the location, talent pool, rental value, facility, access to the necessities, employees’ convenience, running costs, safety, connectivity of land/sea/air and a whole lot of parameters. 

We not only get you the best rates, but we can also negotiate on your behalf (power of attorney) to reduce the pain of inconvenience during the whole set-up.

Renting/ leasing an office space, co-working space or any other engagement model can be further explored with our Commercial/ Real estate advisory team.

Architect & Interior designers

Additionally, our team of architects & interior designers would work with you and your team to create an aesthetic, but very practical office facility for your team. Colours, themes, creative or formal, ergonomic chairs, state-of-the-art videoconferencing board rooms and office spaces, training & recruitment areas – everything would be taken care of by our team. 

IT infrastructure & 24×7 service

Simultaneously, the IT infrastructure would be readied to ensure the optimum set-up for your employees to function at the highest productivity. This team would not just set-up the infra, but also be available 24×7 for your needs – laptops, desktops, servers, cloud enablement, networks, high speed internet connectivity.


Real Estate
Hiring & Staffing


Build your organization faster. One expert at a time. One star at a time. HR. Finance. Technologists. Cybersecurity specialist.

Be it any position, any experience levels or any function, RigtEdge’s team of Hiring experts would provide quick, personalized service to ensure that you not only get the best of the lot, but also faster.

Our close ratio is the best in class. Again this boils down to our process-oriented approach to recruiting.

Our approach to Hiring gets you the right talent, on time, every time.


Pre- Hiring
  • Help with precise job descriptions
  • Source the right candidates


During Hiring
  • Interview and shortlist them before presenting it to you or your team
  • Schedule the interviews based on your convenience – mode & time. Be it face to face, videoconference or teleconference.


Post Hiring
  • Conduct reference checks 
  • Negotiate for you


Setting up your office in a new location/city/country is not easy. Thankfully, RigtEdge has a great understanding of India across all major cities – people, process, technology, regulatory, financial and everything related to setting up a business.

“Going Beyond” is not just a phrase for us. This has become our guiding mantra – philosophy – in the quest to helping clients have a worry-free experience while establishing their business in India.

Most of RigtEdge’s clients have found our professional AND friendly nature a blessing as they know that they can depend on us to not just provide them the expected services, but also the unexpected.

Temporary Director - available locally

Best-in class directorship for conducting board reviews, authorizing organizational payments, review 3rd party contracts, assisting the firm with compliance & governance and all other work till you hire a permanent Director.

Banking Assistance

Our team of financial experts would help you with opening up of accounts, guiding you to the right banks, negotiating the best deals related to banking transactions and procuring/ assisting with all other banking operations.

Power of Attorney

Our clients have found this as a very convenient tool for them to function without being present for all and sundry activities. They provide the Power of Attorney to Rigt Edge who would negotiate for them on their behalf, get the best deals and keep them regularly updated. 

In short – Rest easy. We got you covered.